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Ithaca wedding photography or as a honeymoon location is arguably, one of the best wedding destinations in greece.

My first blog post with images from one of my journeys photographed in film. The purpose of my trip was to photograph a super couples engagement, however thats to follow.

Ithaca (Ithaki) is steeped in Greek history and Mythology, seemingly untouched by the effects of tourism. Its the island closest to our family home, “I just love the place” and luckily we will visit again in 2015 to photograph another fun Destination wedding.

Check out Filiatro Beach, its not far from the capital Vathi and a super location for welcome beach parties, a place to relax, take in the spectacular blue shallow waters and of course enjoy a stellar cuba libre from the beach bar.

Watch out for my next trip as the whole wedding event and location images will be photographed with luxury look of film.

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