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Winter for a wedding photographer in London has a moody appearance and whilst its not California light its still has amazing deep colours.  During my trip to undertake engagement photography for a lovely young couple living in London, I had a few mins to take a few snaps with my little travel camera my FUJI XT1, although digital and not my favourite medium, it still gives Film photography a run for its money and certainlly as a tourist for today a lot of fun in London.

Being English the city reminds me more of my days before becoming a professional wedding photographer in London and actually now just love any chance to walk around enjoying the sights as just a humble tourist.

Living now in a hot climate its strange to dress for the cold but reminds me of my heritage and youth enjoying British weather and social life, especially with London lifestyle as its fast and has so many secret enchanting places to visit. For sure I will visit again soon in warmer times to photograph more with film continue to fall in love with London.



winter walking in london

  • Tobias Reynolds said:

    Great shots! how have you found your fuji? did you process these with vsco? they look very nice. I have had a bit of a hard time post processing my fuii files

  • Adrian said:

    Hi Tobias thank you and these were shot with Canon 5D MK111 and processed yes with Vsco...thanks for commenting Adrian