Film Portrait PhotographyFilm Photography Natural Skin TonesKefalonia Island

Film Photography Natural Skin Tones is why some many brides love the look associated with film.  Testing a new camera before its put into service is compulsory, thus my beautiful wife Irma kindly posed on the beach for a few test shots, before sending the film rolls for processing.

Whilst I shoot digital images when documenting a wedding day, ceremony and reception, I also choose to shoot film during portrait sessions, location imagery and illustrating wedding details to give a true colour reference point to later work on my digital files.  When the light is good the use of film really shines and has the unmistakable look of luxury, beautiful flattering skin tones and that dreamy feel.

So this second Contax passed the test and sits next to my other Film and digital cameras ready for the next wedding.

We used FUJI pro400H, Contax 645 Medium Format Camera and processing + digital scans by Richards Photo Lab in Los Angeles.





Portrait Session in Santorini, GreeceLaura Kenney

Portrait Session in Santorini Greece whilst taking a short break from a destination wedding weekend event to test a new film camera with the lovely Laura Kenney, who not only makes a great assistant but also a beautiful subject for the test.

Late afternoons in Santorini enjoy a quality of light enjoyed by wedding photographers in for example California as its colour and warmth is incredible for backlighting engaged couples or bridal portraits of newlyweds. The luxury of using film and the advantages it gives on skin tones with dreamy highlights clearly demonstrates why many so engaged couples and brides prefer to invest for the quality and resulting beauty it provides.


Laura santorini portrait session (5 of 10)

Laura santorini portrait session (2 of 10)

Laura santorini portrait session (7 of 10)

Laura santorini portrait session (9 of 10)



Engagement Backstage in Greenwich ParkLondon

Backstage in Greenwich Park a place so many Londoners visit to relax and enjoy their weekends.  It was only the second time for me and just landed at London from Greece thus was feeling the cold after not being in the UK for sometime. Later in summer I will be meeting again Sophie & Gordon as their wedding photographer in Nottinghamshire.

For sure I will visit Greenwich Park and London again because you cannot help falling in love with the culture, architecture and of course the famous Greenwich market. Thanks to my assistant for taking a few snaps of us all and of course the lovely Sophie & Gordon for being so natural and fun to shoot.


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